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Horse Meat Disco@Tape Club

Samstag, 08.05.2010

Title: Horse Meat Disco@Tape Berlin

Location: Tape Club, Heidestraße 14, 10557 Berlin

Link out: Horsemeatdisco@MySpace

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Horse Meat Disco – Volume 2 – Mini Promo Mixbywarmhq


Endlich eine Top-Disco-Veranstaltung in Berlin! Hetero and Gay: Lets Party Together!!

Tour zur neuen Compilation auf Strut Records.

Inspired by the halcyon days of New York nightlife including Mancuso’s Loft, Nicky Siano’s Gallery and late lamented DJ Adam Goldstone, Horse Meat Disco was started in 2003 by DJs James Hillard (ex-Nuphonic) and Jim Stanton, long-time lynchpin of Jockey Slut magazine. From early parties in London’s Chinatown, Horse Meat took up their famed weekly residency in Eagle London in Vauxhall and, joined by DJs Filthy Luka (Luke Howard, ex- Queer Nation) and Severino (CODEX), quickly built a reputation for fantastic parties and high quality disco sets.

Horse Meat Disco has since attracted a discerning mix of old time disco heads, club kids, bears and naturists and has become renowned as a space where heterosexual disco fans can party at a gay disco club without feeling out of place. The club’s open-minded ethos has secured them bookings worldwide with international crowds keen to sample the Horse Meat Disco party energy.

Horse Meat Disco DJs James Hillard, Jim Stanton, Filthy Luka & Severino

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