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Sly Stone: Down and out in L.A.?

Wie die New York Post berichtet, ist Soul Legende Sly Stone derzeit obdachlos und campiert in einem Van, der an einer Strasse in Los Angeles steht:


Doch Bootsy Collins entwarnt auf Facebook. Er sei umsorgt und es gehe ihm gut:

Here is the latest I’ve heard about our pioneer Sly Stone! hey bootsy: just to let you know about sly he is ok. he stays at my mom and dads because he feels safe there he has a house that he is renting but he likes being around my brother who cares for him and watches over him. oh yea my mom cooks for him whenever he is hungry.as for the boys in the hood thing; my hood is very loving of sly and watches over him. thank you for caring. ps. he would love to here from you. keep the funk alive and god bless you. yours truly randy austin

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