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Neue Little Feat Doku bald auf DVD


Little Feat war – Musikkenner werden es mir bestätigen – eine der besten Bands aller Zeiten. Die Band um Mastermind Lowell George hatte einen unnachahmlichen Sound aus Country, Funk, New Orleans Soul, Jazz, Folk und Swamp-Rock – und das auf höchstem musikalischem Niveau. Es gibt leider nur wenige filmische Dokumente, zum Glück holte der WDR 1978 Little Feat für einen Auftritt in der Rockpalast Nacht nach Deutschland. Jedenfalls wurden sie meiner Meinung nach niemals richtig gewürdigt, und das holt eine überfällige Dokumention jetzt nach.
Lowell George – Feats First

In the late 1960s, a collective from Los Angeles emerged that was so musically eclectic and boasted such an unusual sound that it was all but impossible to detect where its origins lay. It was a band that instantly captured the imagination and acclaim of critics, journalists, artists, celebrities, producers and DJs, but one that struggled to sell many records or to trouble the charts. However, it was a band that ultimately found huge favour from a rock audience who came to love the group with an uncommon fervour. The group was of course called Little Feat.
At the centre of the Little Feat story is Lowell George, the group’s frontman and principal songwriter. Over the course of a decade leading the Feat, he wove a unique tapestry using a singular artistic vision which ended, shockingly, with his untimely death in 1979. Lowell George however left an ever astonishing body of work which still today, almost 40 years on, is as relevant and popular as it has ever been.
This film, the first ever to chronicle Georges life, music and career, uses archive footage and interviews of and with Lowell and Little Feat, plus contributions from many of those who knew him best, to visually recount the sometimes ecstatic, other times tragic life and times of this maverick genius.

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