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Lost & Found@Madame JoJos: Keb Darge und Andy Smith Dj-Set

Hier ein Live-Mitschnitt von der äußerst erfolgreichen und hochklassigen wöchentlichen Partyreihe „Lost & Found“ im Madame JoJo’s in London, die Dj Keb Darge und Dj Andy Smith zusammen bestreiten. Musik: Rockabilly, Northern Soul & Blues.


Auf der Party taucht dann auch schon mal Paul Weller und andere Freunde für ein Dj-Set auf. Mit ihm hat Keb Darge übrigens gerade den zweiten Teil der Sampler Serie „Lost & Found“ auf BBE herausgebracht:

Keb Darge´s Lost and Found series sets out to expose lesser known or forgotten lights of soul music from the 50´s and 60´s.
The soul of the fifties and sixties was much purer, and more honest. Therefore it reaches parts that the modern day pish cannot reach. However at last thanks to a new generation of youngsters influenced by the likes of Amy Winehouse, thousands of clubbers worldwide are now turning to the past for real pleasure during their nights out.
`I look into the sea of smiling faces on the dance floor every Saturday night at Madame Jo Jo´s, and get a feeling that somehow this music has saved these people from a false and dreary nightlife.´ Keb Darge.
Keb Darge has compiled more compilations for BBE than any other DJ selling close to 200,000 CDs and vinyls over a 10 year period. Paul Weller is an acclaimed Rock star and Soul music collector whose contribution to music is well documented and surpasses that of any other act that has compiled a long player for BBE.


Lost & Found at Madame Jo-Jo’s with Andy Smith & Keb Darge – 5.2.11 early set by Lost & Found at Jo-Jos

Keb Darge & Andy Smith – Lost & Found – Main set – Madame Jo -Jos – 5.2.11 by Lost & Found at Jo-Jos

Little Edith Northern Soul set @ Lost & Found – Madame Jo – Jos 5.2.11 by Lost & Found at Jo-Jos

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  • DJ Set 16. Februar 2011, 15:29

    Geile Nummer, wünschte wäre dabei gewesen!

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