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Kings Go Forth Interview

Kings Go Forth Frontmann Black Wolf (Bild, links) hat nach der vielumjubelten Europa-Tournee der New Yorker Village Voice ein Interview gegeben. Schon interessant, was er da über das Publikum sagt und wie er sich auf der Bühne gefühlt hat:

To tell you the truth, man, it seems like I could go on stage and sing „Mary Had a Little Lamb“ and people would start hollering. I ain’t that good looking so I don’t know what the deal is. They treated us pretty good everywhere, but I would say I did feel like an alien sometimes overseas. Every time I moved forward towards the crowd, they moved back and vice versa. I told my keyboardist, „I really don’t see a problem. I might scare chicks onstage and off.“ But some of them were all over me once they get onstage. It’s such a high-energy performance that it might seem alien to them in their own interpretation of it.

Das ganze Interview hier nachzulesen.


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