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Funk-Mix von Dan45: Hard Times Are Comin‘

Dan 45 von Tighten-Up Cologne (Kein Link, Blog is down) hat wieder einen Mix mit illustren Funk-Classics zusammengestellt. Fette Nummern! Enjoy!

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Emperors Soul 69 – Bring Out Yourself (FUTURA)
Carrie Riley & The Fascinations – Super Cool (MUSIC CITY)
The Sticks Of Dynamite – It’s Football Baby (SAXTON)
Arthur Monday – What Goes Around Comes Around Pt. II (STAGE MUSIC)
Soul Dynamics – Stay In The Groove Pt. I (WAND)
Clarence Curvan – Feeling Nice (CHARLIE’S)
Latin Breed – I Turn You On (GC)
6Pak – There Was A Time (TRIP UNIVERSAL)
The U-F-O’s – Too Hot To Hold (RISING-SOUL)
Jimmy James Thomas – I Can’t Dance (CINN-SOUND)
Anthony Burns – Doing What You Need To Do Pt. I (CASTEWAY)
Soul Motivation – Hard Times (Are Comin’) (SOUL TOWN)
The Blenders – Nothin’ But A Party Pt. 1 (COBRA)
Duffy Jackson Orchestra – I Feel Good (EXPOSURE)
Bobby Williams – All The Time (TROPICAL)
Sir Guy – Funky Virginia (D.P.G.)
Pearl Reeves – Cool With A Groove (PEARLSFAR)
Buddy McKnight – I’ve Got To Move (PINE HILLS)
Bro Robert – Alcohol Pt. I (JO ANN)

Download: http://www.divshare.com/download/12926859-0a0

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  • Dääään 13. November 2010, 16:30

    Danke fürs Posten, Jungs! 🙂

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