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Ellipsis: People

Ellipsis - People 12

Schon vor Monaten angekündigt, jetzt endlich erschienen: Die 12″ von Ellipsis „People“ auf dem neuen Label von Fryer und Ian Wright „Soul Spectrum Records“. Erhältlich bei Jazzman. Er schreibt:

The Ellipsis is one of the best and rarest recent funk/soul discoveries, so strong in fact that it recently made pretty serious headway into the Northern Scene which is known for its touchiness towards funky rhythms. It was first played to collectors by record hound extraordinaire Dante Carfagne around 2003, and upon hearing it Keb Darge snapped it up for a rumoured £2000 which turned out to be a pretty good price for one of the last big tunes he broke on the scene. After some research and phone calls to over 100 dead ends Malcom Catto finally found the producer and label owner who is a very famous southern artist in his own right.

Ellipsis – People (1 Min. Ausschnitt)

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