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Volcov aka Isoul8@Soju Bar

Samstag, 17.03.2012

Hunee schreibt:

This one is pretty special for me, as i wanted to invite Volcov to berlin for quite a while and finally it’s happening!

*** Hunchin All Night ***presents
Volcov aka Isoul8 (Slam Jam / Archive / Neroli / Reincarnation) & Hunee

* Saturday * March 17 * Soju Bar *
He is behind so many labels and projects…just check the different labels he runs. The last thing you might have heard was his release of italian classic „Stop Bajon“ with a killer Theo Parrish Remix.
If you danced urself off at one of my Hunchin nights, than chances are high, you danced to one of his deep and substantial edits, which never leave my bag.
He can go many places in his dj-ing and i think Soju might be the perfect place for a musical journey that is energetic and yet, musical.

23 Uhr, Soju Bar, Skalitzerstr. 36 neben dem Hühnerbräter Kimchi PrincessBerlin-Kreuzberg

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