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Traxx‘ 40.Geburtstag@Tape-Club

Samstag, 30.07.2011

„Out Of The Ordinary“
Traxx’s 40th Birthday Gala at Tape Club, Berlin

Line-up /
Live Acts:
Crystal Ark Live
Nancy Fortune Live

Dek Players:
Mick Wills
Trevor Jackson
Aroy Dee
DJ Deep(Paris)
Hugo Capablanca
Finn Johannsen

Friendships can be a fragile thing…
In this modern day world too many people just rush by each other,
and superficiality and aloofness is what is mostly presented on the larger scale of events.

Nation takes it’s friendships serious!
This Birthday-Party is a gathering of friends and family from all over the globe.
Those that are true, and believe in honesty, music and a deeper understanding of what binds this world together,
join in on the pilgrimage to Berlin at the end of July.

This event will most likely never take place again in this magnitude,
and Nation & We like… Booking are proudly presenting this event in conjunction with Tape Club, Berlin.

Free spirit, and the longing to go further than what is known to be a good dance-party,
drove us to throw this function.
Indulge with us in the experience of something that is bigger than ourselves,
and to free your mind of the baggage of history, because on this night we will MAKE history!

Tape/ Heidestrasse 14; Mitte; 10557 Berlin, 15 €

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