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The Third Coast Kings – Give Me Your Love

Heavy Funk neu bei Record Kicks: The Third Coast Kings – Give me your Love.
Nick von Recordkicks schreibt:

This highly anticipated 45 introduces new RK band The Third Coast Kings, an eight element deep funk and soul outfit from the home of many a great artist; Detroit/Ann Arbor, Michigan. In the tradition of the best 60s and 70s funk groups, The Kings detonate with an explosive sonic force that is guaranteed to make you move those hips and let that backbone slip!

The gritty sound of The Kings is the raw concoction of horn-driven hooks, devastating rhythm and an overall tightness that has made them a favorite in the Motor City area and beyond. Both “Give Me Your Love” on the A side and “Tonic Stride” on the flip throw down some heavy grooves intended to rock the livest dancefloors and restore deep funk and soul to its rightful spot on the musical map. The Third Coast Kings are a full-fledged funk force!


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