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The Continental Showstoppers – Not Too Young

Johnny Hitman hatte die Nummer ja schon 2008 ausgegraben und immer in seinen Sets gespielt (zu hören auf unserem Mix Soulkombinat Summer Songs und auf Hitmans Mix “In The Name Of Love”). Nun haben Fryer und Jazzman sie wieder neu gepresst und konnten dabei auf die original Masterbänder zurückgreifen. Die Nummer wird unter Sammlern inzwischen für um die 400 Euro gehandelt.
Jazzman schreibt:

Seventy Seven Records out of Nashville, Tennessee is well known inside the funk and soul scenes for the likes of classic spins by Ann Sexton, Brief Encounter and Jackey Beavers to name but a few. Here we dig a little deeper into their rich catalogue to bring you two Northern soul anthems of the more funky persuasion. The first is a Jackey Beaver-penned anthem which was recorded by many bands including Karen Striblin and The Camaros. However there is no doubt the Continental Showstoppers recorded the definitive version, now getting huge spins on every discerning dancefloor in the UK, Europe and Japan. As it’s become prohibitively expensive in the last couple of years for all but the most dedicated soul collectors with deep wallets, we got hold of the ¼” master and did a brand new transfer from the tapes so it’s sounding like it was recorded yesterday. Even if you are lucky enough to possess an original I would recommend having a listen to this new louder, richer version. On the flip we have band stable mates The Valentines with an irresistible pop-soul dancer that should have been a hit. The awesome ‘Breakaway’, which was spun as a new record in the ‘70s on soul dancefloors, has never stopped spinning.

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