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The Bamboos feat. Kylie Auldist – On The Sly: Jetzt auf 12″

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Tru Thoughts veröffentlicht jetzt die neue Single von The Bamboos feat. Kylie Auldist „On The Sly“ auf 12″. Auf die B-Seite haben sie das Stück “Turn it Up” feat. Lyrics Born gepackt. Das macht Appetit auf das neue Album „4“ von The Bamboos, das für den 29. März angekündigt ist.

What do you get when you combine a truly nasty, percussive drum break with massive Hammond and guitar stabs, a loping sly horn line and Kylie Auldist’s velvet rip-saw vocals? “On The Sly” is the first single from The Bamboos’ upcoming album, “4”, and a real statement of intent: a piece of music for 2010 that somehow transcends the boundaries of what we know as the ‘Deep Funk’ scene and pushes The Bamboos up into a world all their own, “On The Sly” is The Bamboos crystallised, arrived, their own unique sound fully realised.

‘Turn It Up’ sees the Aussie kings of funk enlisting the vocal stylings of Californian hip hop sensation Lyrics Born, one of the best loved, most critically acclaimed and biggest selling independent hip hop artists of the last decade.
A fiery brew showing scant regard for genre boundaries, this track is already causing a stir with fans of hip hop, funk, rock and pop alike, so whatever your stylistic leanings, if you’re a sucker for a catchy mother****er, ‘Turn It Up’ will have its wicked way with you.

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