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Soulkombinat Summer Songs

Foto: flickr.com/Mädchen aus Ostberlin

Wie schon erwähnt, fand ich die Idee der Summer Songs auf Oliver Wangs Blog „Soul Sides“ fantastisch. Er lädt regelmäßig befreundete Djs ein, um ihre Lieblingsssommersongs vorzustellen.

Ich habe ihn gefragt, ob wir das auch mal machen könnten und er war angetan von der Idee. Also fragte ich unsere Leute nach ihren aktuellen Sommer Songs. Hier sind sie (zusammen sind sie ein toller Sommer Mix 2008):

As I already mentioned, I liked the idea of the Summer Songs on Oliver Wangs Blog “Soul Sides” very much. He regularly invites djs and musiclovers, in order to present their favourite sommersongs.

I asked him whether we from the Soulkombinat Berlin could also do this for his site and he said: Yeah!

Thus I asked our people for their current summer songs. So here they are:

Johnny Hitman:

The Continental Showstoppers „Not too young“ (77)

I have been listing to that song for quite a while now. It’s on my Mp3 player and every time I went for a run the random mode picked that song, weird! Since then I always wanted to buy it on a 45 and finally a month ago I’ve done myself a favour and got it in a set sale. The lyrics are great and getting 32 years old tomorrow and having some changes in my private life, it made me think about my first love in the summer of 1990. Youth always reminds me of summer, my birthday in Samos/ Greece, when you hung out with your friends, watched the chicks in short skirts and had no responsibilities, what a great time that was…

Pam Kellum – It’s gonna be a long hot Summer – (Stereo Ref Acetate)

This tune is no surprise for a summer song blog with its title, isn’t?! What a killer sister funk tune. Got it cheap as chips on the bay lucky I am cause it was an acetate from the studio it was recorded at. Originally it was released in 1972 On A&B Records with the more known A side „What you see you can’t Get“, produced by Alexander Patton. Personally I prefer the B side. Unfortunately this summer, as always in Germany, is NOT a long hot summer but who cares I’m on holiday next week in Greece for 3 weeks.


Kylie Auldist – Community Service Announcement (Tru Thoughts)

This is defenitly the summer song 2008 for me! The debut-single from the talented australian singer Kylie Auldist, explored, pushed and backed by the fantastic combo The Bamboos. Her first Album ‚Just Say‘ just came out. On this album – produced by Bamboos Lance Ferguson – she presents Raw Old-school Funk, Northern Soul flavours and straight-up heart-wrenching soulful Ballads!
And this song swings so tight like a summer breeze in a hot city! Can’t get enough of this song!

The New Mastersounds – Idle Time (Lack of Afro RMX) (Record Kicks)

Nothing left to say about the fantastic contemporary deep funk band „The New Mastersounds“ from Leeds/England. Nick from Record Kicks, Milano, released a New Mastersounds Remix-Album this year. The Lack of Afro Mix is as cool as Berlin in summer! Great!

Ed Townsend – Where Did Those Signs Go (Curtom)

This is a track from the 1975-LP „Now“ from famous songwriter and producer Ed Townsend. Truely positively Chicken Skin Music! An alltime favourite for me, even in the wintertime 🙂

Dj Slingshot:

The Mystic Moods – Cosmic Sea [Warner Bros. Records] 1973

Some of the best remembered events during my last summers were the meetings in the park, where most of us brought in records and portable players … having a drink, talking about records and playing out some new findings, favorites or 45s for sale defined a part of my summer.

I’m looking forward to get this one the decks although I expect getting some weird looks for the synth portion. I found the German picture sleeve issue of this break beat on a flea market in Hamburg before I went off for my summer holidays in the UAE. According to the 45 insert, it was featured on „Derrick“ in the mid 7ties, a German detective series … and made famous by DJ Shadow on BrainFreeze.

The Black On White Affair – Bold Soul Sister, Bold Soul Brother [Topaz]

The warm month also include party nights at Kiki Blofeld, the summer residence of „We are Soul“, where we play sweaty, funky, and soulful tunes next to the river Spree either outside or inside the boathouse. Watch the nice location.
The one below has what it needs to entertain you on a sunny ride or to get some attention on a summer’s dancefloor … funky drums, soulful vocals, throbbing guitar and a psych organ.

Sabrina Golian:

Frankie Valli and The Four Seasons – Beggin‘ (Pilooski Re-Edit) (679 Recordings)
The Jackson Sisters – I Believe in Miracles (Tiger Lily)

Sommersongs müssen für mich die Eigenschaft besitzen, den Sommer zu konservieren und wann immer man im dunklen, grauen, kalten Winter das Bedürfnis nach ein wenig Sommer hat, öffnet man eine Büchse. Diese Songs gehören für mich eindeutig dazu!

Sommersongs got to have the characteristic to conserve the summer and whenever you have the need after a little summer in the dark, grey, cold winter, open up the can and feel it. These songs belongs to for me clearly!

Kristian Auth:

Otis Clay- That’s how it is (One-derful)

Def. one of his greatest tracks, which broke into the top 40 on the R&B charts during the summer of ’67. One year after his „big brother in music“ Harold Burrage died of a sudden heart attack in November of 1966. Listen to this on a warm summer night in your car and enjoy your goose bumps…

Inell Young- What do you see in her (Libra)

A perfect mixture of funky drums/guitar and Inell’s sweet voice. New Orleans at it’s finest, and as you can hear produced by the almighty Gus Lewis for the small and collectable Libra Label

Steven Inch:

Here are two songs I desperately wanted since the very first moment I heard them.

Pazazz – So hard to find (In-Roads)

The first one is a massive modern tune only known (and owned) by a handful of collectors worldwide. Though this tune is all about love, it´s title says how it is:
„So hard to find“. That´s how easy summer sounds to me.

Kool Blues – Can we try love again (Capsoul)

This track is another incredible modern tune I first heard when Liam Large played it at the „Soul Inn“ here in Berlin.
Rare for this label and such a brilliant tune for a warm summer night.
Unfortunately most of the copies have apressing fault for the first seconds as you might here on this clip.
Finally I have to tell you that I got these two records from my friend Craig „The Funky Plumber“ Smith from UK.
Thank you so much mate!

Dynamic Don:

La Protesta – Free
Hubert Laws – Feelin´alright

sommer = free
free = feelin alright 🙂 😉

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  • steven inch 16. August 2008, 20:19

    Is ja jut. Auf meinem Laptop im Büro hat sich aus irgendeinem Grunde alles etwas merkwürdig angehört.

  • slingshot 16. August 2008, 14:39

    Der Herr im Geschwindigkeitsrausch sollte sich das Gehirn durchaus nochmal schockgefrieren lassen. Waehrend ‚The Nu People – I’d be nowhere today‘ singen, hoert man die Frage ‚Is it good enough?‘ und spaetestens dann gehoert dein Ohr an die Bassbox.

  • steven inch 14. Juli 2008, 20:54

    aha! jetzt, zuhause vor meinem neuen monitor hört es sich wieder gut an, lag wohl an meinem Rechner im Büro.

  • Steinbild 14. Juli 2008, 15:38

    Das ist schon in Ordnung. BOWA hat die richtige Geschwindigkeit. Der Samstag war wohl zu anstrengend, dass dir alles so schnell vorkommt, dabei spielst du doch immer das Power-Zeug… 😉

  • steven inch 14. Juli 2008, 15:30

    Mhm, hört sich Black on White Affair bei Euch auch an, als würde ne 33 auf 45 abgespielt? Und Cosmic Mood ist doch nicht die auf Brainfreeze verwendete? Hab die ja auch mal gehabt und die ist doch viel langsamer…

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