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Snakefinger live ’81 LP Crowdfounding Kampagne


Um die Veröffentlichung einer Live-Aufnahme des Residents-Gitarristen Snakefinger auf Vinyl in 300er Auflage zu finanzieren, wurde von den Machern aus dem Residents-Umfeld eine Crowdfunding Kampagne ins Leben gerufen, die schon sehr erfolgreich gelaufen ist: Snakefinger: Live In Melbourne 1981 – 3-sided limited edition, hand-numbered vinyl!

As a huge fan of The Residents, Snakefinger, and the entire Ralph Records family I spent many years collecting until all that was left was unreleased demos and live bootlegs. The first time I heard this Live In Melbourne show I was blown away. His first two studio albums are great but have a very Residents feel to them (all co-written and produced by them) whereas this live recording showed me a crazy, revved up, „post punk“ version I never knew about. I love both versions but this show is really something special and has been my go to Snakefinger recording for the last ten years or so. This recording has never been released except for some bootleg cassettes and downloads. I tried to find the best copies I could and finally sent two different sources to Carl Saff to restore and master it. This will be the first time the recording has been mastered and put on vinyl and Molly Harvey (singer / collaborator with The Residents through the 90’s and 2000’s) is working on a drawing of Snakefinger for the record jacket. Only 300 copies! Let’s make this happen!


The 4th side will be a silk screened design by Casey Howard who also designed the shirt. I got 4 different sources of the show including one from Renaldo (Renaldo & The Loaf) but ultimately the 1st one I had was the best. It has been patched back together and mastered for vinyl by Saff Mastering and is ready to go. I’m still waiting for some art work by Molly Harvey for the cover art. Once I get that I can put the gatefold jacket design together and send everything into the pressing place. Jello Biafra filled me in on some info about this live band. It turns out he introduced Snakefinger to ex-Dead Kennedys guitarist „6025“ aka Carlos and he is playing on this album. Now I see why this album is so much more punk than the studio albums. I doubt there will be any copies available after these preorders so if you know anyone that wants one you should let them know that time is running out. I’m still hoping for a June release date.


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