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R.I.P. Melvin Bliss

Wie ich gerade bei Flea Market Funk las, ist Melvin Bliss verstorben, der uns mit “Synthetic Substitution” eins der meist gesampelten Drum-Breaks geschenkt hat:

An unsung hero in Funk and Soul music, Melvin Bliss has left us. Who would have known (Melvin didn’t even know) that a B side to a 7? of “Reward” on Sunburst would lend itself as one of the most sampled drum breaks in the history of Hip Hop? Melvin didn’t, neither did Pretty Purdie, who actually played on this monster ….. It seems like we are losing a lot of the old timers as of late, and that means a few things: I’m getting older, these artists who are 35 and 40 years older than me are really getting up there, however, as bad as that is, this music will stay around with us forever.

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