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Philophon Records: Guy One, Alogte Oho Jonas und Roy X mit den ersten 45ern

Am 13.09.2013 feiert das neue Berliner Afro-Funk-Reggae Label Philophon in der Regie von Max Weissenfeldt die ersten Veröffentlichungen, die allesamt (außer PH001B) in den Stibbtone Studios, Berlin-Kreuzberg aufgenommen und bei Timmion, Home of The Soul Investigators in den Timmion Recording Studios/Finnland gemastert wurden. Diese drei Singles möchte ich hier kurz vorstellen:

Guy One – A Me Bayela Do Me / Suro Yuama (PHILOPHON 45-001)


Suro Yuama:
Alto Saxophone – James Wylie (2)
Clarinet – Uli Kempendorff
Drums, Key-Bass, Percussion, Keyboards – Max Weissenfeldt
Lead Vocals – Guy One
Tenor Saxophone – Claudio Jolowicz
Trumpet – Stevo Molchanski
Vocals – Adingo Atooboya Zorko, Ayine Fousty, Felicia Asora
A Me Bayela Do Me:
Bells, Handclaps – Max Weissenfeldt
Handclaps – Stibbo Spitzmüller
Lead Vocals, Kologo – Guy One


Guy One is a Frafra griot-singer from the savanna of northern Ghana. 2012 he won the Ghana Music Award as best traditional artist. So far he has released nine albums under his own name and is becoming well-known all over the country, in his hometown Bolgatanga and whole Northern-Ghana however he is even recognised as a star.

Alogte Oho Jonas: Zota Yinne / Sahel Souls – Starlet Road Filling Station Romance (PHILOPHON 45-002)


Alogte Oho Jonas – Zota Yinne:
Alto Saxophone – James Wylie (2)
Backing Vocals – Sister Diana, Sister Martha
Drums, Keyboards, Percussion – Josie Coppola*
Guitar – Florian „Stahl“ Münzer*
Key-Bass, Keyboards, Percussion – Max Weissenfeldt
Lead Vocals – Alogte Oho Jonas
Tenor Saxophone – Claudio Jolowicz
Trombone – Andrej Ugoljev
Trumpet – Stevo Molchanski
Sahel Souls – Starlet Road Filling Station Romance:
Alto Saxophone – Mashall Duncker*
Baritone Saxophone – Franz Stahl (2)
Clarinet – James Wylie (2)
Drums, Keyboards, Percussion – Josie Coppola*
Guitar – Benni Kreisel*
Tenor Saxophone – Caudio Jolowicz, Tobias Delius
Trombone – Andrej Ugoljev, Hilary Jeffery
Trumpet – Stevo Molchanski
Vibraphone, Keyboards, Key Bass, Percussion – Max Weissenfeldt


Alogte Oho Jonas and his Sounds of Joy are a gospel group from Bongo, a ghanaian bordertown of Burkina Faso. We discovered him because his music was a big local sucess last summer and could be heard in the main market of Bolgatanga everyday we stayed there. Jonas started singing in the church choir when he was five years old. Now, at 25 years of age, he has lived for and made a living from his music for the past 5 years, releasing an album every year. The B-side features the Sahel Souls, the carribean flavored branch of the Philophon house band.

Roy X – Odoyewu / Sakawa (PHILOPHON 45-003)


Alto Saxophone – Mashall Duncker*
Baritone Saxophone – Franz Stahl
Drums, Keyboards, Key Bass, Percussion – Max Weissenfeldt
Guitar – Benni Kreisel*
Trombone – Jason Liebert
Trumpet – Christian Magnusson, Fritz Mooshammer
Vocals – Roy X
Instruments – Max Weissenfeldt
Vocals – Roy X


Roy X is the alter ego of Jimmy Taylor, the youngest child of ghanian Hi-Life-legend Ebo Taylor. He studies fine-arts at the University of Winneba, but every free second he spends in his studio, which Ebo helped to establish in the familys hometown of Saltpond. „Odoyewu“ is his first release and pays an evident respect for the groundwork his father laid over the past five decades.

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