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Neue Binky Griptite auf Daptone

Binky Griptide - One Time You're Mine

Morgen kommt eine neue Single von Daptone Gitarrist Binky Griptite auf Daptone Records heraus: “One Time, You’re Mine” b/w “You’re Gonna Cry“:

Binky Griptite’s smash live hit has finally been cut to wax for your home enjoyment. “One Time, You’re Mine” is the kind of no nonsense, Meat-and-Potatoes Soul that will keep you and your loved one warm through these cold winter nights. Perfectly paced for dancers and lovers alike, Binky’s stripped down arrangement of this thick slice of Memphis Style Soul showcases the Dap-Kings at their grittiest. Though the groove is brand new, the chunked-out, laid-back quality of the horn lines over the patiently and perfectly pocketed rhythm section invokes the magic of the heyday of Stax.

On the flip, „You’re Gonna Cry“ is an artfully penned ballad of the broken hearted persuasion.

A-Seite: One Time You\’re Mine
B-Seite: You\’re Gonna Cry

Hier zur Preorder.

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