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Mood Selectas w/Basic Soul Unit, Hunee, RZ-1@Farbfernseher

Donnerstag, 13. Oktober

HUNEE (rushour)
R.ZEPEZAUER (nsyde/dnp)

Three special musiclovers, well known for their music passion, are diggin‘ deep for rare grooves and early house music.
This night will show big love for a form of music we all know as Dance Music and for oustanding Tracks which happen beyond any dancefloor. Mixing is secundary, only true love for music has first priority.

So dancers be prepared for a wild ass shaking journey through out a world of fine Rare Grooves and polyrhythmic Latin & Brasil vibes, soulful Disco-stompers, but also simply for beautiful waves full of overwhelming melodies through all styles of the last decades of music history.

This journey is a night to remember!

Farbfernseher, Skalitzer Str. 114, Berlin Kreuzberg

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