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Jean Wells: Soul On Soul

BBE veröffentlicht am 07.11. „Soul On Soul“, ein Album mit den besten Stücken und Outtakes von Jean Wells. Vorab gibt es die Single „What Have I Got To Lose b/w Somebody’s Been Loving You (But It Ain’t Been Me)“. „What Have I Got To Lose“ ist ein wunderschönes Stück Modern Soul, das unter die Haut geht, „Somebody’s Been Loving You (But It Ain’t Been Me)“ ist ein clubkompatibler Burner, den es auf Single auch als John Morales Mix gibt.

Jean Wells’ story is not an extraordinary one in the world of soul, although her voice certainly was. Her biggest hit ‘Have A Little Mercy’ from 1967 was a glorious slice of deep soul, a plea to a lover, whom she is addicted to, but who doesn’t seem to notice. Her gospel-trained voice perfectly encapsulating those feelings, whilst a stark arrangement dominated by an ethereal organ and dramatic horn stabs heightens the unbearable effect this man is having on Jean’s life. Yet at the time this record only reached number 25 in the R&B charts, just another bit of genius amongst many, thrown out by the black American music industry at one of its most creative and profligate periods.

Mehr Infos und eine längere Biografie unter: http://www.bbemusic.com/data.pl?release=BBE189ADG

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