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Holy Water pres.: Mark Seven

Freitag, 29.10.2010

Eine neue Ausgabe der qualitativ hochwertigen Disco-House Veranstaltung Holy Water für Freunde guter Musik steht an. Diesmal hat Hunee den Dj Mark Seven aus Stockholm (Porträt auf Holy Water) für seine Partyreihe gewinnen können. Gefeiert wird in Kreuzberg.

Hunee schreibt:

Mark lives in a Black Lodge and has a truck full of Vinyl, knows the door man at Zanzibar, gets into the Saint through the backdoor, wakes up at the Garage and takes you to his own Balearic island.
In his young years, kept his body fit feeling the real pulp rushing up the spine with records becoming words at Bizarre. No accident was to fall his way into Rampling at Shoom. Years ago he moved to Stockholm and created the Black Lodge parties – mysterious nights – legendary and surprising! Mark is one mind satisfied to his own treats. Reaching out to the world digging a lil bit deeper to fill the shelves of his Juswax record shop – no stranger to the underground. Diving deep is Marks djing treat, elevating the minds and bodies at the Horse Meat Disco parties in the past. Without hitting the ground, one man, or two, can fall through with Mark’s bass spectrum. No need for landing at the end of the rainbow, telling ya “it’s for real!”

Last time Sadar showed us his story, keeping us on one gear to come to Mark’s signature. A story we want to keep waist low and heads up high. These 20 years of notoriously giving life to vinyl is a call for all thirsty ones to come down 20 steps to another secret location in Kreuzberg, a basement keeping
Holy Water’s Balloon Palace!

Hier einige Mixe von Mark Seven:

Mark Seven live Mix für Voices Collective

Mark Seven – StopDontStop Recorded early 2007

Mark Seven – ToTheBone * DriveTimeDanceParty A

Mark Seven – ToTheBone * DriveTimeDanceParty B

Karten-Vorverkauf bei:
SAMEHEADS, Richardstr. 10, 12043, Berlin – Neukölln, (030) 347 207 17
AUDIO-IN, Libauerstrasse 19, 10245, Berlin – Friedrichshain, (030) 486 229 84
E-Tickets bei Resident Advisor für billige 6 Euro (!)

Viel mehr Infos und Musik: http://holywater.wordpress.com

Freitag, 29.10. 2010, 24:00 Uhr, Berlin Kreuzberg

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