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DJ Andy Smith Document 4 (Unreleased)

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DJ Andy Smith Document 4 (Unreleased) by Dj Andy Smith on Mixcloud

Ein unveröffentlichtes Mixtape von Andy Smith:

Document 4 was delivered to Unversal records in 2008 but never released. All plans were in place for a double pack of Document 1 with Document 4 to celebrate the 10 year anniversary of the first Document mix CD but I think they were more interested in shifting more Amy Winehouse CD’s at the end of the day so it was shelved!!. I’m pretty sure this will be the last Document mix as I cant put new & old music together as there just isn’t enough new stuff that passes the ‚Andy Smith‘ filter nowadays (but lots of old stuff, hence the new ‚Jam Up Twist‘ CD – That’s where its at for me these days!) Enjoy the last Document mix for free. Thanks for your support since 1998 and for all who saw me as a DJ in my own right rather than ‚that DJ from Portishead‘ ! – Do catch my ‚Jam Up Twist‘ nights around the UK & ‚Lost & Found‘ at Madame Jo Jo-’s in Soho, London every Saturday

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