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Chicago Deep House-Dj Sadar Bahar in Berlin + Dresden

Samstag, 26.06.2010

Top House-Dj Sadar Bahar kommt nach Berlin, und zwar nicht in irgendeinen überbewerteten, teuren Club, sondern zu einer selbstorganisierten Underground-Party. DEEP DEEP DEEP!!

From the Windy City Chicago, member of the Soul in The Hole, SADAR BAHAR
likes the deep dish with extremely rare B-Side disco sounds, soul-funk
instrumentals, deep album-cuts and early house productions.

Theo Parrish’s favorite deejay, he will land in one of the best kept secret
locations of Kreuzberg (not the Tiffany Bordell, at the same address 😉 ,
with the deejay performance that bounds the soul to the dance floor and
tights the heart to the waist.

Tell ur momma, ur poppa and ur granny too ‚cause the world needs some soul
in its holes!

And don’t forget to say one of the magic words at the door:
Holy Water, JAW, Sadar Bahar or Soul in the Hole.

Hier ein Text über Sadar: http://www.myfundraisingplace.com/soul//sadar.html :

Known as „the deejay’s deejay,“ Sadar Muhammad Bahar is one of the few to play old-school house and rare disco exclusively. „A lot of stuff I play, [other deejays] don’t play,“ said Bahar. „Maybe they’ll find it years later, if they’re lucky,“ he said, laughing. However, Bahar’s penchant for discovering lost hits and rare grooves has made him legendary, earning him renown as one of the „deepest“ deejays around.

Samstag, 26.06.2010, Ritterstr. 11, Berlin-Kreuzberg, 5,- € mit Flyer (in deinem Plattenladen) 7,- € ohne.
Samstag, 03.07.2010, Altes Wettbüro, Dresden + Dj Tiny


Sadar Bahar * No Pretty Noises by Holy Water * dance or fly

SADAR BAHAR dj set // live at InnerCity in Paris Pt.1 (Oct.06) by J.A.W.

SADAR BAHAR dj set // live at InnerCity in Paris Pt.2 (Oct.06) by J.A.W.

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