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02.10.2011: Sadar Bahar & Theo Parrish in Berlin!

Sonntag, 02.10.2011

Nach dem erfolgreichen letzten Mal organisiert J.A.W. erneut eine Party im Festsaal Kreuzberg Berlin mit den Deep-House Kings Theo Parrish & Sadar Bahar. Dieser Abend wird in Gedenken an Gil Scott Heron zelebriert, der ja in diesem Jahr gestorben ist. Es wird ein Festschmaus für den Liebhaber von Soul/Disco Musik werden, die beiden werden abgefahrene Tracks abfeuern, die sonst kaum ein DJ auf diesem Planeten spielt.


Gil Scott Heron

J.A.W. schreibt:

Last March we had the great privilege to bring together two of our true mentors aka Theo Parrish & Sadar Bahar.

No need to introduce the Sound Signature Boss but for those of you who still don’t know Mr. Bahar, he’s one of the most respected – straight underground – DJs in Chicago and a major influence for Theo too.

While Pete from BBE Records was joining us to support this special one, our guys blessed us with an incredible selection of sounds & genres, eclectic and powerful. With an “only Wax politic” & the unique DJR400 Mixer, they played one killer joint after the other – from Mizell bro’, Liaisons Dangereuses, Mr. Fingers, Marcellus Pittman to Ashford & Simpson, Tony Allen or even Dilla alongside with obscure disco & other rare soul funk instrumentals – they just smashed it!!

So when they said they’d love to do it again, we took them to their word and here we are today gathered for the „2nd Act“.

We couldn’t make this one happen without paying tribute to a meaningful artist, a major influence for contemporary music and particularly for J.A.W, who sadly passed away earlier this year: the poet, songwriter, activist and incredible musician, Mr. Gil Scott Heron. His Genius will definitely be in the air all night long.

Just a piece of advice to the ones who missed the 1st Act, last March: you better not sleep on the second!

To pay this tribute and bless us one more time:
Sadar Bahar (Soul in the Hole/ Chicago) &
Theo Parrish (Sound Signature/ Detroit)

So just a piece of advice to the ones who missed the 1st Act in March:
you better not sleep on the second!

Theo Parrish@Festssaal Kreuzberg Berlin, 31.03.2011

Sadar Bahar Mix

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Sadar bahar mix by Shift-music

Theo Parrish – Body Promo Mix (1997)

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Theo Parrish – Sound Signature Body – 1997 by R_co

Vorher um 20 Uhr wird es noch einen Workshop, organisiert von CDR im Chez Jaki an der Schillingbrücke geben.

CDR is the platform for the airing of new ideas, works in progress, unreleased songs, remixes and edits in a sound-system oriented environment. Created on laptops, bedroom studios, sampling sequencers and digital multi-tracks, music producers can at last air their productions in a neutral space to a like-minded audience. CDR connects producers, singers, labels, DJs and music lovers- simply for the love of the music.
best tunes of the night will be played on www.rbmaradio.com

Workshop 20h:
+ GERD JANSON (Running Back)

Open CDR: submit your music by 20:30h to be played during the night

DJs who play your and their music:
Tony Nwachukwu (CDR London)
Dirk Rumpff (OFFtrack)



Sonntag, 02.10.2011, 20 Uhr, Chez Jaki, An der Schillingbrücke, 10243 Berlin, FREIER EINTRITT
Sonntag, 02.10.2011, 23 – 6 Uhr, Festsaal Kreuzberg, Skalitzer Strasse 130, 12 Euro Abendkasse,
Begrenzter Vorverkauf bei HHV.de, KOKA36.de und im Carhartt Shop in Berlin (10Eur + VVK Gebühr)

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